Braiswick Photographic Remote Support

If you have spoken to Braiswick IT Support and they have offered you remote support please click on the PC link below and when prompted click run. There is no need to save the program and nothing will be installed on your computer.

>>Click Here for PC Windows Remote Support

How it works

For a more detailed explanation of how the remote support tool works please call IT Support on 01206 399800 ex 0230
Also please see the security section below.

Step 1
Call Braiswick IT support

Step 2
When asked, click on the start remote support link in the remote support section of this site

Step 3
When prompted click run. You may be asked this twice depending on your computer's security settings

Step 4
The remote agent will give you a session number and passcode.

Step 5
You will now be connected to the remote agent. At this point they still can't see your screen

Step 6
Press OK and the agent will be able to see your screen and session recording will begin

Step 7
When the session is finished the remote agent will disconnect the session for you

No program is installed on your computer
No changes are made to your firewall or network
You pick which programs we can see on your computer before we connect to you
8 character key for authentication and 4 ramdom generated number passcode of your computer into the remote support session
160-bit ECC key used for establishing the connection so no one can see your 8 charactor authentication key
128-bit encryption of data transferred between your computer and our IT support's computer.

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