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We have answers for the most commonly asked questions concerning reorders & late orders. We also have information available for schools to help make shoots go as smoothly as possible.


Please find the appropriate question below, If your question is not shown please feel free to contact us.

Common Questions

Q. When will I receive my photographs?

A. Within approximately 15 working days.


Q. I have missed the school deadline for returning my proof card... how do I order?

A. Send completed proof card with payment to us at our Manningtree address if your reference number is 1 to 4999

or the Mansfield address for numbers starting at 5000.


Q. Can I mix proofs together in the pick and mix pack?

A. No ... each proof card is treated individually.


Q. What do I do if I have lost my proof card?

A. Phone school and obtain child’s reference number which is found either on the schools C.D.or index sheets and use in place of the proof card. This excludes order of CD as we will require the visual proof to release digital copyright of the image.


Q. I have sent my order in ... and as yet have not received the photographs?

A. Has your cheque been cashed ..if so on what date? phone with this information for further help.


Q. My photograph is scratched or damaged what can I do?

A. Please return to us along with the proof card for a replacement.


Q. I have received a no proof letter.. I have returned the proof how long will my prints take to produce?

A. 28 Days.


Q. I have received a no money letter what do I do?

A. Send payment direct to us with accompanying letter.


Q.  I have not received a proof card.

A. Your school has a C.D or set of index sheets showing a thumbnail print of each printable shot. Obtain the reference number shown below the picture and phone for further help.


Q. Where do I send parent re-order forms?

A. Direct to Braiswick NOT VIA the school as this will result in a delay to you order.


Q. How do I use a batch import CD?

A. Click on the following link for more information: How to import batch cd images.Page: Import Student in


Q. How do I export a names list using

A. Click on the following link for more information: How to export a names list in CSV format


Q. I am having problems with the website

A. Please contact support via email on the contact page telling us what the problem is.